Blain’s Farm & Fleet Enterprise eCommerce

Design, Development, eCommerce, Hosting, Strategy, UI/UX
About This Project

Blain’s Farm and Fleet is a chain of retail stores throughout the Midwest, with a large and very diverse product catalog. We are proud to be the web agency responsible for the development, hosting, oversight, and data analytics for both the eCommerce web site and mobile app, as well as a partner on IT projects within the Blain Supply company. The eCommerce infrastructure features a full online shopping and purchasing experiences including omni-channel fulfillment options, tax exemption, robust registry and list creation experiences, product compare tools, a robust admin control system for eCommerce management, a loyalty rewards program, and integration with third party software partners. We provide custom eCommerce development, API integrations, managed cloud hosting, A/B testing, conversion optimization, and data science services for Blain’s digital operations.