Desktop Application – embARC

Design, Development, UI/UX
About This Project

FADGI (Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative), and The Library of Congress, needed data, branding, design, and development partners to create an intuitive user interface, name, and branding for a product that allows bulk embedding of metadata and validation for professional digital media file formats. Our exploration into the project’s needs and users led us to propose an approachable and distinct name for the project—embARC—and design a concise logo mark that plays off the concept of preservation as an ark of information for the future.
Our team worked closely with AVP–subject matter experts in the field of digital media formats and digital preservation—to design and develop the application. After some research spikes, our UI designers focused on wireframes for an interface that revealed as much of the user’s assets and options as possible without secondary pop-ups and menus. Integration of industry validation models and standards in real time on the user’s assets supports the larger goals of ensuring quality metadata and documentation for the industry. The end result is a succinct but powerful open source tool that enables users to audit and correct internal metadata of both individual files or an entire sequence of files while not impacting the main content of the files.